I love newborn photography sessions and it's oh so special when I'm asked to photograph a newborn in the hospital. Or as they call them in the business - fresh 48 sessions.  All that newness, all that weariness, all the excited first visits and alllllllll the love. It was such a pleasure to be invited to meet baby Elliott recently. I was very lucky to watch his big brother, Noah, getting to know him. You can never be sure how those first meetings will go when a new baby arrives, but it was so sweet to watch Noah take his time to figure out this new little creature. This little guy who will be right beside him for a lifetime. By the end of my time at the hospital he was smitten. 


Fresh 48 sessions are so special. Those very first cuddles and touches and never to be repeated moments. Do you have photographs of the day you met your family for the first time? Oh so special. Thank you Erin & Liam for having me. x