I first met Samantha & Stewart earlier this year for a newborn photography session when they welcomed baby Johnny, little brother to gorgeous Georgie. We met up again on the weekend for a milestone session - a short and sweet session designed to update your family photographs throughout the year or to capture a certain event. This session was a 6 month milestone session but really I love I love these photographs for the feeling of them. They are really intended as a keepsake of this time in their lives. 


They say that parenthood is the longest shortest time. The days are long but the years are short. Those things are true. When you're in the thick of parenting two young children it can be hectic, chaotic, messy, stressful and often there is little time for each other. Then suddenly you find yourself at sunset on one of the most beautiful beaches and all those things wash away. You remember that life is short and you have created a family. A beautiful, funny, giggling, singing, sunny little family. You wouldn't have it any other way. 


It can be hard in those long days when your hands are full to document your memories. I promise you that in years to come you'll wish you had these photographs. You'll wish you had taken the time to spend a relaxed and causal afternoon together capturing life as it right now. Little 6 month old toes, her scrunched up nose, and the new trainers she got that were slightly too big because you knew how fast her feet were growing. The small scratch on her knee where she had fallen from those new shoes. Comforting her in your arms and feeling how long her legs reached down your body, no longer quite so small. The way she held her little brothers hand whenever he was close enough. How tired you felt. How happy you were. This is family. This is your now. Don't forget to preserve your memories. I'd love to help you.