Nothing makes me happier than in-home sessions which are all about capturing your every day routines.  Nicola & Steve contacted me earlier in the year to plan an in-home family photography session purely to preserve their now. They wanted to take the time to document the details. 


We planned a weekday afternoon session hanging out at home, taking a walk to one of their favourite spots on the Northern Beaches to visit the ducks and walk amongst the trees that they love. Then we headed back home for cuddles on the bed. The simplest, easiest and most relaxed little session. 


I love all the details in these family photographs. The tiny flat teddy, putting on shoes to go out, being together in a favourite spot, the cuddles, capturing how the nursery looked when Louis was 1 year old. I especially love this top photograph. It's so simple and beautiful. I love the way Nicola is giving Louis a little kiss on the head as she helps him down from the bed. Something she has no doubt done hundreds of times,  but something that I think is so special to capture. Your family. Your love. Your story. Preserved forever.