We all have special places. I've known Claire for 3 years now so it felt so lovely to be able to create this keepsake for them before they pack up Sydney for a little while and head overseas to start a new chapter in their life. I always recommend you chose a location for your session which has meaning. That's why in-homes are so amazing BUT when you live across the street from one of the most beautiful beaches it's a bit of a no brainer for where we should shoot! We took a little sunset walk out across the rocks for cuddles and rock pool jumping. I love the emotion and feeling of these photographs. A keepsake of the place where they met, fell in love, and become a family. Harvey will know what his Australian life looked like when he was 3. I can't wait to follow their adventures overseas and I might be just a little bit jealous of them! Lots of love and luck on your next adventure C, P & H! xx