In-home photography is incredibly beautiful and a really easy and logical location, especially for young families. So often I hear from people that they are worried their home is too dark or not "enough". I can promise you your home is more than enough. Your home tells your story.  You don't need to have a home worthy of a magazine article - if you have one window in your home we can make a beautiful session. Here are a few reasons I love in home sessions: 

  • WEATHER - living in London we can't ever be sure if we'll have blue skies or rain. With in-home we don't need to worry. 
  • LOW PRESSURE & PRIVATE - we all know trying to get dressed and out the door with little ones, while looking good, can be a huge effort. In-home makes it so easy and we can stop for meltdowns, nappy changes, snacks or a drink and have some time out in a place everyone feels relaxed. I also love to capture those getting ready moments, dressing the kids, preparing snacks my sessions are also about the in-between - not just the portraits. The other great thing about in-home is no one will be watching you on your shoot - young children love a low pressure environment and home is exactly that.  
  • SIGNIFICANCE/A PLACE OF MEANING - your home is made up with tons of tiny details that tell your story. I believe family photos are more than just a pretty picture, they are a link to your children's history that in years to come will be scrutinised for tiny details about who you were and how you lived. Are you in those photos? This is a chance to put you in the frame. Favourite books, chairs, corners, pictures on the wall. I always encourage locations be a place of meaning and home is certainly that. 

You'll never regret creating a keepsake of your home. These are never to be repeated moments in a place that is uniquely yours. Below are a few of the most common questions I receive, hopefully they'll help you. 

  • Will you tell us what to do? We hate having our photo taken. My sessions are really relaxed and I like to follow the lead of the youngest child. They will tell us what to do! I do give direction and when I arrive we'll look around your home and see where all the light is and make a little plan together. Trust me it's easy if you're just yourself. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get us started and let everyone warm up. You don't even need to look at the camera if that's not your style. 
  • My house is a mess. Don't worry about mess at all. A general declutter is awesome but we can work out the best spots when I arrive. We will shoot in about 2 - 3 rooms so we only need a few cleared spaces. I promise I won't be focusing on how clean your bathroom is or how many dishes are in your sink.  
  • What should we wear? Simple is always best. At home means we don't have to be bundled up in coats and we can also do an outfit change in need. I provide mood boards on my pinterest page to give you a little inspiration.

I hope that has helped answer some of your questions. You can read more FAQ and see my clothing inspiration boards here. You can read about my pricing and packages here. Still have questions? I'd love to hear from you, email me here