Love is in the details. In-home sessions are my favourite. I love the ease and simplicity of them. No leaving the house, no getting everyone ready - save it for when I’m there and it becomes part of the session. I love the in-between moments that happen without prompting, a cup of tea being made, a book being read, a game together on the floor.

I love how families just do what they would do if I wasn’t there. Sometimes we bake, or plan a favourite routine, sometimes breastfeeding, other times the nap routine but mostly just hanging out. I’m all about the moments, sure we’ll do the portraits, but it’s the connection that you cannot pose.

Most of all in-home shows more of your story and long after we’re gone these photographs will speak for us. In-home sessions are warm and cosy and a true reflection of you, and they create a keepsake of your now, and that includes where you live.