I love natural and unposed photographs. I love photographs where people connect with each other and/or the camera.  I love it when people forget I'm taking photos and do what they would do if I wasn't around. There is beauty in the ordinary. At first you might feel a little awkward but you'll warm up. Generally my sessions involve us walking through the location and talking, letting the kids explore and having some fun.  My sessions are best when they are unscripted, full of life, connection and movement. At home it will be doing what you would normally do. It can be good to set up a few of your normal activities - baking, reading, painting, trampoline time, gardening, bath time - whatever your favourite things are. Don't plan too much but it's good to have an activity the kids love to get started and also to capture. My style is very much fly on the wall. I will do a little posing sometimes, ask questions or play a game if I think it will suit everyone but basically I'm looking for connections. If you like a little more direction we'll do that, if you like to just hang out and chat we'll do that. 




Simple is always best.  Pick a few colours and dress everyone in those tones but not exact matching.  My top tip is to dress yourself first and have everyone compliment you. If you feel good you and are relaxed your family will pick up on your good energy. Picking neutral tones with some pops of colour works really well. Textures always photograph well and patterns, floral, layers and stripes look great too. Blues almost always look good. Dresses and skirts with movement are great too. Compliment each other.  Be real. Be yourselves. I do ask you avoid heavy plaid, brand names scrawled across shirts and any solid red blocks of clothing just because it really draws the eye. That said if your 2 year old really, really, really must wear a certain shirt that day then wear it. We'll make it work. Most important is everyone feels good and happy. You can spot a husband a mile off who has been told what to wear - let everyone be themselves - reflect your personalities and style - these are your photos after all. Husbands look great in just a relaxed tee - don't feel you need to wear a collar especially if you're at home. I'm alway happy to chat about your location and suggest outfits so let me know if you need some help. You can see some mood boards I put together on my Pinterest below. You can also text or email you your proposed flat lay and I can help you. 


Autumn & Winter Client Clothing Inspiration 


Spring & Summer Client Clothing Inspiration 



I have young children myself so I know that  you never can tell what will happen on the day so I really encourage people to keep it simple and fun. We'll work it out. My best advice is to let the children do what comes naturally. Too much fussing or instruction tends to result in tantrums or clamming up or they feel overwhelmed and everyone gets stressed. My best photos are the ones where the people are just being themselves without guidance. The moments will come. During the session you might worry we aren't getting the right photos but we will. I'm a huge fan of real life - all the messy, chaotic, imperfect things that make up our lives. So if there is an epic meltdown in progress I might take a photo because there is beauty in those moments of connecting. 




People often think their house is not the right venue for a photo shoot. They are my favourite location to shoot because they hold so much meaning. Natural light is best - open up all the blinds and shutters and turn off overhead lights. I don't care about mess but a few areas cleared of too much stuff is good. I promise we won't be focusing on the laundry or the dishes in the sink. I promise if you have a window in your home we can make beautiful photos. 



My newborn style is very different from studio newborn photography.  It is more relaxed and free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. If you want sleepy newborn photos then 6-12 days is an ideal time to book your session. If you want more interactive photos with your babe's personality shining, then any time up until 12 weeks is great for a newborn session. 


Have a few outfits handy for baby - a simple wonder suit, a beautiful print and a wrap or special blanket on hand.  We can use a few different options throughout your session. I will always attempt to book your session time around the time you think baby will be most settle . I allow plenty of time for cuddle breaks and feeds, so we are never rushed.




Within 2-4 weeks of the session you will receive a link to an online gallery where you can view your photos. You will be able to share these with family and friends if you wish and also download them in low and high resolution files. Prints may take longer once selected. I always try to do my gallery delivery within 2 weeks but sometimes I just can't do it. I always share a few previews after the session. 



Once you have viewed your online gallery of images you can place further orders for printed products with your selected images.  I offer large, framed prints, wall stories (a collection of various sized framed prints), custom designed boutique layflat albums, birth announcements, thank you cards and a range of other premium products depending on your individual needs.